Filling machines


  • The ERIMAC filling machines allow the packaging of liquid, pasty or explosive products in different types of containers.
  • They enable the safe filling of products in a container.
  • The ERIFUT filling machines are made individually tailored and are customizable, they allow, thanks to its numerous equipments, to propose a solution dedicated to your specific constraints.


  • Our machines are designed for industrial exploitation.

    • Atmosphere without specific constraint.
    • Atmosphere with specific constraint for use in chemical environments, food or pharmaceutique.For example: ISO 7 clean room or laboratory class D, GMP strain, ASM BPE, etc ..
    • Our machines can meet the requirements of the ATEX directive for use in explosive atmosphere Zone 1.21 and 2.22.


  • Solution builder / integrator turnkey.
  • Our machines are designed for industrial use in harsh environments
  • The simplified maintenance allows a reduced asset Job
  • They are ergonomically designed to optimize the conditions of handling and operator exposure in an improvement process complies with REACH requirements
  • Improves the conditions of use and production
  • Our equipment is delivered fully assembled, ready for operation, it is provided with plate manufacturer CE, technical documentation and the EC declaration of conformity.
  • Equipment meets the requirements to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 /CE
  • Mechanical and electrical elements to standard industry
Série 1 axe
Série 2 axes
Série 3 axes
Série 4 axes
Série PCL

The filling can be effected by the use of a a dip pipe (XP model) for foaming products enabling:

  • Dumping of cane
  • The gradual rise above the level (filling over water)
  • The gradual rise below the level (partial immersion of the cane
Under fixed level filling
Filling in level over water
Level on filling over water

The filling may also be effected by the use of a non-dip pipe ( XNP model) for the non-foaming products allowing:

  • The partial introduction of the cane under the bunghole of the container (filling fountain).
Fountain filling level

Our intelligent technology cane (only dip pipes XP model) allows managing multiple heights packaging (provided that the height of the packaging is between the rocker and in a high position cane)

Management of single-barrel packing heights
gestion multi format sur palette canne i
Management of multi-barrels packaging pallet heights


Semi-automatic or manual filling station

Fill mode of packaging

  • Direct weighing dosing solution by packaging (in legal metrology or not) with dedicated revenue management incorporating automatic type dosing parameters high speed, low flow, throwing error correction, weighed ticket management to printer or backup)
  • Filling solution by volumetric metering

Cannes drumming

  • Cane with removable circuit recognition device mounted
  • Cane pharma ASME BP sf1
  • Cane PP HD / coated HALAR

Vapor treatment and VOC (volatile organic compound)

  • Connection to an existing degassing system
  • Suction system with dedicated charcoal filter


  • Manufacturing painted steel rust protection
  • Stainless Fabrication (shades and finishes on request)
  • Painted steel frame joint manufacturing and steel product circuit


Standard equipment or optional depending on model

  • Closing valve in Cane End Double security (air and lack of air)
  • Valve geometry optimized to limit the production of foam and static
  • Pre-inerting equipment
  • Power 2 variable bit rates (high flow and low flow)
  • Simplified control
  • Picks up waste drop on the wire cane
  • Hood vapor recovery with scrutiny referred (glass)
  • Pointer barrel
  • Level settings on the box
  • Wiper rod
  • Plexi panel deflector between the cane is the operator

peripheral equipment

Handling and peripheral equipment can be integrated to fit your needs

  • Grounding system with control (ATEX)
  • Free or motorized roller conveyors
  • Gateway
  • Worktable