Manual dump station bag ERISAC D


The manual dump station for bag ERISAC D allows the dumping of bag from 1 to 50 Kg.

They allow secure emptying of different products in powder or granules.

  • Classic products with or without dust emissions.
  • Toxic and dangerous products (CMR products, explosives, etc ..).
  • Food or pharmaceutical products

The dump stations ERISAC D can be:

  • Mounted on feet
  • Mounted on a connecting flange on a third device
  • Mobile

ERIMAC can provide a complete turnkey line to meet your budget requirements.

Manual dump station for bag ERISAC D are adaptable to different types of existing bags on the market.

Through these many facilities we are able to offer you a solution dedicated to your specific requirements.


Our machines are designed for industrial exploitation.

  • Atmosphere without specific constraint.
  • Atmosphere with specific constraint for use in chemical environments, food or pharmaceutique.For example: ISO 7 clean room or laboratory class D, GMP strain, ASM BPE, etc ...
  • Our machines can meet the requirements of the ATEX directive for use in explosive atmosphere Zone 1,21 and 2,22.


  • The simplified maintenance allows a reduced asset job
  • Our equipment is delivered fully assembled, ready for operation, it's provided with plate manufacturer CE, technical documentation and EC declaration of conformity.
  • They are ergonomically designed to optimize the conditions of handling and operator exposure in an improvement process complies with REACH requirement
  • Equipment meets the requirements to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 /CE
  • Mechanical and electrical elements to standard industry

sac1.jpgsac2 (2).jpg


product output


  • Manufacturing painted steel rust protection
  • Stainless Fabrication (shades and finishes on request)
  • Painted steel frame joint manufacturing and steel product circuit

Types of dump stations

  • Semi-confined for products with little risk or low dust emission
  • Confined
  • Compact

Bag charging modes

  • Front
  • Side coupled to a free rolls conveyor
  • Front + Side coupled to a free rolls conveyor

Opening modes

  • By uncording
  • By cutter with retractable blade suspended by a bungee cord
  • Opening by manual cutting system integrated

Inside Accessibility

  • Front panel fully opening assisted by gas lift allowing accessibility for cleaning and / or disassembly of the internal components
  • Location for sieve

Connection to an existing dust extraction system or dust collector dedicated to the installation

Disposal of empty bags

  • Confined exhaust duct empty bags to a compactor bag or trash bag

Flow aid devices

  • Toothed packer
  • Vibration system

Products outputs adaptable

  • Transfer screw
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Gravity conveying to a third device

The ERISAC D can be combined with a doasge device to fill bags, drums, carton


Different intermediate systems can be integrated according to the specifications of your products

  • Pinch valve with 1 or 2 speeds with full flow
  • Helmet valve with 1 or 2 speeds with full flow
  • Butterfly valve with 1 or 2 speeds with full flow
  • Dosing screw
  • Guillotine valve 1 or 2 speeds
  • Rotary valve



Différents systèmes intermédiaires peuvent être intégrés en fonction des spécifications de vos produits

  • Vibratory screeners
  • Metal detector
  • Sampling
    • Lump breakers

Handling and peripheral equipment can be integrated to suit your needs

  • Free or motorized roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyor
  • Bridge
  • Worktable