Standard configurations

Optional Equipements

The ERIFUT skids make our filling and emptying machines mobile. They allow the quick and easy installation of a conditioning station wherever you want.

Our skids replace or combine the existing manual drainage solutions, they are ergonomically designed to optimize the handling and exposure conditions of the operator in an improvement approach in compliance with REACH requirements:

  • Controls and maneuvering systems deported
  • No direct contact with the suction tube or the filling rod.
  • No direct exposure to fumes or splashes of product (completely removed with a hood).
  • No manipulation of vacuum pump, vacuum tube or filling tube (motorized dive).

The polar displacement (model L) of the filling head is optimized for the emptying or filling of 4 drums on pallets or an ibc, it nevertheless allows the emptying or the punctual conditioning of cans on pallets.

The motorized dive system (stroke 1200 mm) per pneumatic cylinder allows the suction tube to rise and fall in the bottom of the container with a locking in position.It also allows a progressive rise during filling in order to avoid contamination Of the cane.

Draining or filling is performed automatically after the cycle is triggered by the operator.

  • This configuration is ideal for emptying or filling product in drums or containers.
  • On skid, painted steel or stainless steel, ATEX or healthy zone.
  • The skid requires clean, dry pressurized air at 6 bars.
  • The standard configuration includes :
    • Pneumatic and electrical equipment.
    • The assembly is delivered assembled (to the extent of its transport) in running order.
    • Technical file including instructions for handling, assembly and connection, use, maintenance, spare parts list, CE certificate.
  • Capacities: different sizes of bung barrels or total opening and IBC containers.
  • Speed: depending on pump flow, product viscosity and local conditions, up to 40 drums per hour (with conveying solution).
  • Suction tube d40 C1200.
  • Filling rod.
  • Plunger tube equipped with a d40 C1200 manual stainless steel ball valve.
  • Plunger tube equipped with a stainless steel ball valve with remote control d40 C1200.
  • D40 C1200 Washing Tube (rinses the inside of the packaging).
  • Stainless steel hood with stem for suction hose diam 100.
  • Hose balancer with stem.
  • Power supply kit for empty drum pump (on request).
  • Kit of braking translation and rotation.

Integrating your existing

Package dosage management

  • Customer suction tube.
  • Drain pump (lutz or flow) on request.
  • Filling rod.
  • Manual draining.
  • Draining system (on request).
  • Manual filling.
  • Follow-up filling (on request).

3 axes series


The skids series 3 axes allow the filling or the emptying of liquid, pasty, foaming or explosive products in drums, cans or containers of variable heights.


Capacities: drums of 200 L with bung or total opening, containers, cans of 30 L.

Flow rates: up to 70 drums / h depending on pump flow, product viscosity and local conditions.


  • Stainless steel circuit.
  • Drop tray with automatic emptying on the wire of the rod.
  • Vapor recovery hood with sight glass (glass or plexiglass).
  • Level adjustments on the housing.
  • Movement of the head with locking in position.
  • Rotation of the stem with locking in positionR.
  • Cane scraper.


  • Our skids are designed for industrial use in difficult environments.
  • Our skids are designed for industrial use in difficult environments.
  • Standard mechanical and electrical components for industry.
  • Scalable stations to full automation.
  • The protection of the mechanical parts under casing and the internal wiring under sheath make it possible to limit as much as possible the exposure to the corrosive fumes and guarantee an increased durability of the components.

Few Exemples