Who are we?

We are a manufacturer of materials(equipments) of turnkey conditioning(packaging) for:

  • filling system for the liquid, viscous, pasty and foaming products
  • filling system for the bag and bigbag (FIBC) of the solid products in granules, powder, etc. …
  • emptying system for the barrel and container
  • discharging system for the bag and of bigbag (FIBC)
  • Handling equipments
  • The peripheral equipments. The automatism, the supervision and the weighing.

We are specialists of the difficult circles such as the chemical, corrosive, food areas and explosive atmospheres ATEX.


Our guarantees


In addition to legal guarantees, ERIMAC agrees to grant to the Customer of a conventional warranty for a minimum of 1 year against defects in operation as of the date of delivery of the product for products delivered without benefits.

The conventional warranty covers the choice of ERIMAC, repair the product concerned given the defect is discovered by the technical service ERIMAC or replace the product with a product with features at least equivalent.

The costs of transport and accommodation of staff ERIMAC for an intervention under guarantee on client site fall outside the scope of the conventional warranty fields.

The benefit of the conventional warranty is subject to:

  • Upon receipt by ERIMAC, a letter from registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt notifying the defect
  • The return of the product concerned, with a copy of the invoice
  • In finding by ERIMAC, the asserted defect

We offer our services as a manufacturer to study, design and manufacture of equipment, turnkey, tailored to your needs in accordance with the standards and requirements.

  • The installation and commissioning of our equipment.
  • The provision of technical file.
  • The guarantee of our material.
  • Training in the use and maintenance of our equipment.
  • The interventions and repairs within 24 hours / France.
  • Maintenance contracts or specific diagnostic visits.
  • The supply of spare parts.


We provide:

  • Monitoring throughout the life of the machine by a privileged interlocutor.
  • Every action is recorded in our database to ensure traceability of all our operations.
  • Quality approach based on the ISO 9001-2000 standard and integration of HSE policy.

Our solutions


ERIMAC provides you with a facility in working order. Depending on the complexity, a technician can intervene on site to carry out commissioning and staff training.

Each installation is the subject of a h6-assembly in our workshops and a series of tests with the minutes.

Any installation comes with a technical dossier including:

  • Operating and maintenance manual.
  • Plans such as built together and subset with detailed BOMs.
  • Civil Engineering Map.
  • Electric and pneumatic diagrams SAB installation.
  • EC declaration of conformity.
  • Test report of idling equipment and support.
  • Trial of training of operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Parts List.

ERIMAC is also there to allow you to upgrade a machine that no longer meet the standards or starting to age.

The revamping is to review the design of a machine according to increase production, performance and reliability

Our research after diagnosis will help you choose the right solutions for your needs and will accompany you throughout the realization of your project.



Our services


To best meet your occasional or permanent needs, ERIMAC offers rental equipment. Varying times and a range of new machines.

  • Short-term lease ( one month minimum ) on request rent may include the following services :
    • Transport
    • Start
    • Staff training
    • Dismantling equipment
    • The removal of equipment
  • Long-term rental contract (3 years minimum ) including the following services : 
    • Transport
    • Start
    • Staff training
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance interventions , interviews and repairs. Provision of the technical file
    • Spare parts supply
    • Dismantling equipment
    • The removal of equipment
  • Other possible types of contracts on request

As part of the monitoring facilities, ERIMAC offers services for maintenance of equipment. Several types of maintenance are available.

Preventive maintenance 

It consists of an annual site visit to inspect the facilities and their proper use.

  • Survey monitoring technical stoppages and breakdowns of employment with the staff concerned ( Maintenance Service / Production Department )
  • Checking conditon and diagnosis including :
    • Control of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic with dismantling casings
    • Search for hard spots on the mobile parts
    • Chain lubrification
    • Potential adjustments
    • Immediate replacement of defective parts if available in customer emergency stock
  • Following the visit, an intervention report is provided including :
    • Check list contrôle machine
    • Comments list, causes, corrective actions planned

Corrective maintenance

Maintenance requiring replacement, rehabilitation of the elements identified on the machine. 

  • Planned intervention 
  • Service call within 24-48 hours (providing availability of the spare parts

Upgrade maintenance

It includes :

  • The improvements related to changes in the technical environment or standardization.
  • Installation of new features, software updates.

ERIMAC makes available to its customers its expertise to the project studies and holds a support and advisory role.

Taking measurements, plans drawing...

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Team work

The ERIMAC partners are our greatest assets. ERIMAC in its partnership strategy does not consider its partners simply as networks for the delivery of its products and services but as an integral part of the team, enriching its culture around the world.

In collabaoration with its partners, ERIMAC made every effort to achieve common goals. This policy is consitent, our results prove it.